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Tekapult Company: Tekapult ("T") products serve as a legal crisis prevention tool for companies and their executives to comply with federal regulations and laws by using the succinct and actionable tPrimers digests and their abridged versions tCanons derived from U.S. government’s manuals for strategic and daily business decisions. T’s products are not intended to give legal advice and no attorney-client relationship to be formed by these products as each factual situation is different and laws and regulations are constantly changed.

Uniqueness: A lot of research and efforts by the T’s team resulted in condensed and “legalese”-free summaries of U.S. federal laws and regulations, which each organization doing business in the U.S.A. or with American companies need to know to avoid or minimize criminal and civil penalties imposed on companies and executives for corporate misconduct.

tPrimers and tCanons: Multilingual and customizable U.S. federal law digests facilitate a required U.S. regulation compliance by T’s actionable legal points’ summaries for standardized personnel education and strategic and daily business decisions.


Mobile App: tPrimers' purchasers may view at any time the T’s course material on mobile devices. 


Competitive Advantage: Domestic and foreign companies and governments, which trained their employees to comply with U.S. laws and regulations, would be looked upon by American companies and government agencies more favorably than non-complying enterprises in business transactions’ consummation.


Cloud-based Service Subscriptions: 3-year contracts, 5-year contracts have lower annual charges.


Subjects:  Contact our sales team for information on Tekapult topics and products.

Ownership Rights: Presentations including all accompanying material are the exclusive property of T and may be used by T for its commercial purposes as T deems fit.


Certificate: Certificates will be electronically issued upon employees’ submission of proof of course completion.


Languages: T’s products are available in 45 languages.

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